Jack Imperato was not satisfied with being one of the best player of his home team Lonestar SC. The ambition, technique and passion have led this 12 year old playmaker to train with the Valencia CF U 12 A team.

Jack’s story, similar to that of a thousand of children who are passionate about soccer, begins with a ball. The ball, no matter the size or what it is made of, was his favourite toy. An example of this was found on internet where there is a video of Jack juggling a tennis ball as if it was no big deal.

This young midfielder, not only  possess a good game vision, but also the skill to dribble at speed while moving the ball forward to create goal opportunities. He is a hard worker, never gives up, and always pushing his team to win. So much so that there is a belief that he will be a key player for the U12 National team.

The first connection with Spanish football

During the Next Generation Soccer Camp in Texas, the coaches were enthralled by his playing. Jack took part in the different training sessions, focused on the four moments of the game (defence and attack transitions, defence and attack organization), with ease and elegance.

According to Next Generation coach Nacho Jabaloyes, who had the pleasure to work with Jack, in Texas, “he is a hard worker with many qualities and has an extraordinary presence on the field”. So, it was a unanimous decision that the award of a one week stay to participate in the high performance training program offered by the The Next Generation Sports (TNGS) in Valencia, Spain, went to Jack Imperato.


The long awaited moment

Accompanied by all his family, Jack set off for Valencia, prepared to live what he considered one of his best experiences. On his arrival, he was welcomed by the NG Players, young footballers from different countries yet they all share the passion for football, and who accepted Jack as their younger brother.

With almost no time to unpack his bags, Jack was among the thousands of Valencia CF fans, who were at Mestalla to support their team who played against Athletic de Bilbao. The experience at Mestalla, to be a spectator at a game of La Liga, made him more enthusiastic and motivated to start his training sessions.

The Great Performance

Jack’s training sessions in Valencia were a follow up to his training in Texas under coach Nacho’s supervision. His training session in Valencia was designed to develop his skills to achieve his full potential. The sessions were individual and group, and in each, Jack amazed his coaches and companions.


But, this is not the end of the story. The young Texan had the opportunity to train with the Valencia CF under 12 team , where he not only fitted in perfectly  but also   impressed  the club’s technical staff  with his skills, his touch , and above all his  vision and ability to read   the game.

With this great performance Jack Imperato’s stay came to an end. On asking him to resume his experience in Valencia, he could only say “I love TNGS. The ambience, the boys and the coaches are very good; the training sessions were very intense. I really want to return”