The first edition of the Next Generation Soccer Camp Texas took place in Austin on December 9th to 12th and from December 14th to 16th in Pharr. This sports event was a good opportunity for soccer lovers to get knows one of Europe’s most innovative soccer training methods.

This sports event, spearheaded by The Next Generation Sports (TNGS) in collaboration with Forza Campiones and Round Rock Soccer Association, in its first edition attracted a great number of regional players and coaches.

The Next Generation Camp is a meeting point for players and coaches and where TNGS’s coaches showcase the latest Spanish soccer training routines. In the same manner, the coaches from the region demonstrate their training methods used in their academies.

Josep Guillen, Nacho Jabaloyes, Juan Iranzo and Jose Herrera were in charge to lead the training sessions. The sessions were divided according to the four moments of the game: defensive organization, offensive organization, offensive transition and defensive transition; the players were able to test their skills in each of the four moments. Apart from these training sessions, the players also underwent individual training sessions, which allowed our coaches to evaluate thoroughly the players talent.

The set –up of the training sessions, the way they were conducted amazed both players and coaches. According to one of the participants “by including real game situations, made it is so much easier for the players to have a better understanding of the dynamics of soccer”. But what really caught the attention of the participants was the incorporation of ‘Visual Coaching’.

Under the motto “an image is worth more than a thousand words”, our coaches conducted the training sessions with the help of ‘Visual Coaching’, a visual tool with which they design training exercises and monitor the players progress.

During this event the girls were a centre of attention. The Spanish coaches were impressed by their high level of tactical abilities. As Jose Herrera said “the level of female soccer is extraordinary, there exists a big difference in respect to other countries”. With this in mind, the training sessions were conducted for all the players, there was no distinction of sex.

At the end of the camp, the organizers commended the talent and passion shown by all the players, and highlighted the performance of Miranda Reyna, Jack Imperato and Lukas Charpentier.

The first edition of the Next Generation Soccer Camp Texas was a success. It was an intense and unique experience in which all the participants via soccer were able to connect with another culture as well as get a different viewpoint and understanding of soccer.