On November 5 to November 6, Next Generation Soccer Camp New Jersey was held at the sport centre Superdome Sports in Wardwick, NJ. This event was a success and was made possible by the partnership betwen The Next Generation sports and NXT LEVEL SPORTS.

Training activities took place at Superdome Sports, under the guidance of TNGS Coaches Nacho Jabaloyes and Oliver Salazar, and as in previous camps, players had two days of intensive training sessions. In addition they had the opportunity to experience  the visual coaching methodology.

Visual Coaching is one of the icon of TNGS methodology, it is a visual tool that helps the player, through videos  to understand tactical play.Through this the player’s and the team’s progress can be monitored.

This sport experience has had a very good acceptance among parents, tutors and participants. The general comment was: “We are looking forward for the next summer TNGS events.”