On 23th and 24th of August the Swedish Club Stenkullen Golk opened their doors to our coaches to learn about and enjoy TNGS´s training methodology.

Last weekend, with the collaboration of Cochenevents, a Next Generation Football Camp was held in Sweden. During two days, 80 players and 15 trainers from the Swedish Club Stenkullen Golk took part in the intensive training sessions yet which were accompanied with many fun moments.

In this occasion, Iván Ausina, Jose Herrera and Nacho Jabaloyes were the coordinators for these training sessions. True to their principles and the importance, the coaches put great emphasis and worked intensively on each moment of the game. The players were exposed to real tactical situations which they themselves had to resolve. This, for the players, was not a difficult task due to their high level of concentration.


As it is the norm in our camps, we highlight the performance of a player. On this occasion, the coaches chose William Drake, for his never giving up’ on the field, his ability to read the game and skill with the ball. This player will visit our high performance centre in Valencia (Spain), where he will have the opportunity to share his passion for this sport with other young footballers.

Design, share and enjoy

The Swedish coaches not only learnt about TNGS training methods, but the theoretical classes were geared to create and apply their own game model. So much so, that the Spanish coaches took part in the process of setting up the game model for the Swedish club. This will help the club in tailoring training sessions and transmit their identity in their way of playing football.


But not everything was work. Driven by the enthusiasm of the young players, coaches did not hesitate to put on their football boots and play a friendly match. As José Herrera commented “it has been a fantastic football weekend. Just by sharing ideas on and off the field, we realize that although Swedish football and Spanish football are different, as coaches we have the same concerns: to bring out the best from our players and yet, make them enjoy what they are doing“.