Nathan Trott is one of those hidden gems that after participating in a TNGS Camp his soccer career made a great leap and now he plays in West Ham United.

The setting for Nathan’s story began in Bermuda. On this little island the Next Generation Sports coaches found it difficult to choose the best from among so many talented players. This is when and where Nathan Trott came on scene along with a talented player called Osagi Bascome.

Once in Spain, along with the players selected from other TNGS Camps, Nathan entered TNGS High Performance Centre. The training sessions focused on the four moments of the game allowed him to adapt easily to the Spanish soccer model. During his time at the sport centre, Nathan played for CF San Jose, one of the Valencia clubs known for their excellent results, and  being always at the top of the table.

As Nathan’s technique and ball skills, each day, got better and better, the Bermudan national coach saw in him an essential value for the national youth team. Such was his success with the national team that during the Under 16 Nation Cup celebrated in Mexico, last year, he drew the attention of the London Club, West Ham United, and has signed a professional contract.